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My Background

I was born to a NZ Army Major and a Samoan Matai (Chief). Growing up around the military has made me a strong believer in team work and to have a no ego approach to my work. Being of Maori and Samoan descent I am fascinated by different cultures, in particular indigenous cultures. I split my time between Sydney and Brisbane and am open to working with directors of all different backgrounds and experience levels.

In my spare time I run a podcast “Cinemapodgrapher” to help entry to intermediate level filmmakers become tomorrows cinematographers. If you need help or advice feel free to drop me a message.

My Experience

In 2013 I was 1 of 10 to be accepted in the Australian Film & Radio School to study cinematography. Since then I have gone on to win 20 ACS Awards including 7 Golds and 1 National Award of Distinction. I have shot projects in Europe, the UK, Asia, NZ and all over Australia. I pride myself on working with a variety of Arri, Sony, Red, Panasonic and Canon formats. My years in documentary have taught me to be resourceful, work at speed and under pressure. I love to work with light be it natural window light or in a studio lighting a set.